10 Good Reasons to Visit Croatian Coast This Summer

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    6 Dec, 2016

    Amazing Sites on Croatian Coast That Are Worth Visiting

    Have you ever been to Croatia? Here are ten good reasons to visit Croatia this summer.

    Croatia is a small but beautiful country situated in Europe with crystal clear Adriatic sea. It’s full of amazing beaches, cultural attractions and amazing sites.

    Some of Croatia’s best attractions

    • Dubrovnik Old Town. Ever heard of Dubrovnik? You know, that place on the coast where they filmed the Game of Thrones? Well you should. It's a great place to visit, with exquisite restaurants, cultural sites, amazing beaches and of course Game of Thrones series original throne is there and you can see it, take photos and make remarkable memories!

    • Split. What's so great about Split? Well it's one of the largest cities on Croatian coast, host of mega popular Ultra festival, amazing cultural heritage, beaches, night clubs and bars, everything you can imagine is there.

    • The Sea Organ of Zadar. Want to listen beautiful sounds of the waves and sea? Seriously if you haven't been to Zadar to hear The Sea Organ you need to! It's first attraction in the world of that kind!

    • Opatija. One of the most beautiful and popular places in Istria, with exquisite cuisine, beautiful hotels and beaches. Also one of the most popular business destinations.

    • And so many more... I could write about it all day long...

    If these few sounds interesting head over to youtube and see some videos. I think you will be thrilled. Also make sure you see some of the less popular parts of Croatia – Zagorje which is full of amazing medieval castles and exquisite cuisine and rich cultural heritage. Towns that are worth visiting, among other are Trakošćan with amazing castle, Varaždin – small barouque town with beautiful architecture, and of course Zagreb, main capital.

    Also one great part of Croatia is Slavonija. Beautiful part in East Croatia, characteristic by traditional cuisine and one of the best wine cellars in the world. Also make sure to visit Vinkovci, the oldest town in whole Europe.

    There is so much to see in that beautiful country. Like “Emilia Clarke” said in her interview about Croatia, what she likes: Food, Culture, People… So make sure to put it in your travel calendar!

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