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Measuring Tourism Impacts

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Measuring Tourism Impacts

Tourism has wide impact on economy, social life and environment, which is why it is very important to measure tourism project development impact. We provide tools and methodologies that measures this impact.

We measure impact and benefits of all tourism development activities, such as social media marketing, tourism industry growth and positive economical impacts.

Activities and results:

  • Destination analysis

    We'll analyze your destination current state, including number of visitors on daily basis, number of stays and length of stays, so we could measure the impact of destination tourism development project that will be executed.

  • Impact on economy

    We will analyse results that arise from tourism development project on economic aspect.

  • Impact on Social Life

    We will analyse results that arise from tourism development project on social life, like increase in job offerings, numbers of employees, average salaries and similar.

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  • Impact on environment

    We will provide you the tools to measure indirect and direct impact on environment, such as increase of awareness of local wildlife.

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